Aggie: Resource and Discussion Guide

This discussion guide was created by Aubin Pictures to help you and other viewers understand and learn more about issues raised in Aggie. Centered on four recurring themes in the film, this guide aims to help you: 

  • Make the case for high quality, ongoing arts education across all levels of schooling;
  • Think critically about gender and racial disparities in the art world;
  • Understand the complex and racialized nature of mass incarceration, and show how art can be used to change narratives about criminal justice and ultimately end mass incarceration;
  • Inspire individuals to organize for justice¬† in their own communities, families, workplaces, and schools.

This is a living document that is open for all to contribute. We are aware of the ever-changing world of social justice, and would like to keep this guide as updated as possible.

For submissions, please email us at