Impact & Outreach

The activations and engagements for AGGIE’s special Impact + Outreach Campaign leverage the film to drive meaningful change, cultivate a passionate and deep connection between audiences and AGGIE and dialogue around the issues that matter most, and help audiences understand the significance of the film’s themes.

The Campaign centers around vital topics related to the film including:

  • Radical Philanthropy
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Art Accessibility and Community Engagement
  • Arts Education

Aggie leadership table members

The leadership committee for AGGIE’s Impact + Outreach Campaign are:

Chitra Aiyar • De’Ara Balenger • Mark Bradford • Scott Budnick • Patrisse Cullors • Michaela Angela Davis • Ava DuVernay • Linda Earle • Teresita Fernández • Nicole Fleetwood • Kemi Ilesanmi • Cara Mertes • Margaret Morton •
Kevin O’Connor • Catherine Opie • Ann Philbin • Shonda Rhimes •
Rashad Robinson • Favianna Rodriguez • Bird Runningwater •
Jack Shear •
Jonas Stigh • Hank Willis Thomas • Aketa Williams • Risë Wilson

To continue the work, please explore the links below to learn more about leading organizations, get involved in local community work, register to vote and more.


Understanding the perspective of those who have been impacted by the criminal justice system is crucial for those seeking to make an impact.

Wondering where you should start? We got the answer! Here’s a list of resources and books Aggie recommends for you to check out!